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Toronto Condo Painting (2024)

We have painted hundreds of condominiums over the years in Toronto and the GTA. Through experience, we have turned condo painting into a science. Our process is methodic and efficient, which means you know exactly what to expect! 

Quick & Seamless

Our team makes all the necessary arrangements with security & condo personnel to make your project seamless. We provide a quote within 2 days and can complete your project according to your schedule.

Standardized Pricing

Our fees are standardized and transparent so you know that you are getting a fair price with no surprises

Daily Updates & Cleaning

We send daily video updates so that you know exactly what's going on without having to be there. Our crew always protect the floors using drop sheets and floor paper and clean up daily so your condo never looks like a mess.


Looking to get your condo painted?

Condo Painting Services

ultra spec2.png

Basic Condo Package

Best For:

People looking to prepare an empty condo for a sale or new tenant. The condo is empty and they want to put a fresh coat of paint for pictures and showings.


  • Paint: Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec

  • Walls

  • Light prep

Starting at : $1400 +HST


Complete Condo Package

Best For:

Homeowners who are moving into a new condo. The condo is empty and they want to personalize the condo before moving in.


  • Paint: Benjamin Moore Ben

  • Walls & trim

  • Thorough Prep

Starting at: $1800 +HST


Premium Condo Package

Best For:

Homeowners currently living in their condo and wanting to change colours or improve their space.


  • Paint: Benjamin Moore Regal

  • Walls & trim

  • Thorough prep

Starting at: $2000 +HST

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Condo Painting Process

Step 1 - Coordination

If you are currently living in the condo, we discuss with you our plan of action and go room by room so as to not disturb your daily activities. 

If the condo is to be empty, you can arrange for the key to be left in a lockbox at the condo's designated area. You do not need to be on site and we will provide you with daily video updates.

You can discuss any condo regulations and policies specific to your building with us and we will ensure that our crew follow. 

Step 2 - Setup, Floor Protection & Prep Work

The first step when we are on site is to layout floor protection and set our stuff up in a near little corner. Depending on the situation, we may tape floor paper or use dropclothes. 

Our prep work is as follows:

  1. Remove switch plates & curtains

  2. Move furniture and cover them with plastic

  3. Fill in holes & scratches in walls & trim

  4. Caulk cracks between trim

  5. Clean & prime stains

  6. Light sand to all areas

  7. Wipe down all areas prior to painting

Step 3 - Painting

After all the prep, we begin with the painting. Depending on what is being done, the order of operations could be different. Assuming the entire condo is being painted, the order of work looks like this:

  1. Apply 2 coats of paint to the ceilings (cut first and then roll)

  2. Apply 2 coats of paint to the baseboards & trim

  3. Tape the baseboards (this protects them from splatter and ensures a straight line)

  4. Apply first coat of paint to the walls (one the first coat we roll first and then cut because it is faster)

  5. Inspect the walls and fill & sand any areas we missed on the first round of prep

  6. Apply the second coat of paint to the walls (cut first and then roll because this looks better on the final coat)

Step 4 - Clean Up & Final Walkthrough

Once everything is complete, we do a final walkthrough to ensure that everything is up to our standards and yours. We put back all the curtains, switch plates and move back all the furniture. We sweep up and remove all our garbage and leave you with the remaining paint. If you left us with a key, we will return it back to the lockbox.

Condo Painting FAQ

Q: How much does it cost to paint my condo?

A: Our condo painting services start at $1400+HST. A typical 700 SF (9ft ceilings) condo will cost $1400+HST to paint (walls only). Factors which could affect the cost of the paint job are: wall conditions, furniture which need to be moved, trim which need to be painted, colours which require more than 2 coats.

Q: How long does it take to paint my condo?

A: It typically takes 2 days to paint a 700sf 1 bedroom condo (9 ft ceilings, walls only). However, this can vary depending on the conditions of the walls (walls painted with porous builder paint will absorb more paint and slow down process).

Q: Do you provide the paint?

A: Our quotes always include the price of paint, labour and other materials.

Q: How long will the paint job last?

A: The paint job should last you 20+ years. This means the paint won't flake off, fade or bubble. With that being said, if you are scratching or bumping into the surface and causing scuffs, this could damage the paint.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: We offer a 5 year warranty on interior paint jobs. If the paint peels, flakes or fades due to poor craftsmanship, we will come and touch it up for you. This does not include surfaces damaged by contact.

Paints We Use For Condo Painting

#1 Benjamin Moore - Regal Select 

Our favourite paint to use for condo painting is Benjamin Moore's second top of the line paint, Regal Select. Though not as prestigious as Benjamin Moore's Aura (Benny Moore's top of the line paint), Regal Select is the overall better value for condo painting projects (we only recommend Aura if you are painting your condo a deep colour). Regal Select is thick, covers well, dries fast and looks smooth on walls. Regal boasts exceptional cleanability, even in a matte finish. That means you can wipe & wash your walls without worrying about the paint fading off. This product is self-priming so you can apply it directly to your walls unless there are stains underneath.


Pricing: $94.99 +HST / gallon


Our Condo Painting Projects