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We were officially founded in 2016. Since then, our team has painted over hundreds of homes in Toronto and the GTA region. From the start, we have always been environmentally conscious and try to operate in the most sustainable and responsible manner. When the situation permits, we use eco-friendly paints containing zero VOC. To reduce our consumption, we reuse materials when possible and avoid cheap disposable materials.

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Vincent Nguyen, P.Eng, M.Eng
CEO & Founder

I started painting in 2012 to pay for my engineering studies at Ryerson and later his Master's Degree at the University of Toronto. Each summer I lead several paint crews which helped me earn money while learning the trade. 10+ years later, my company now provides professional serves year-round. As a professional engineer and painter, I am meticulous with detail and strive for client satisfaction. I am aware that the painting industry has a bad reputation due to the low barrier of entry and unreliable entities floating around. That is why I aim to provide a level of service which customers would expect from a professional engineer. My goal is to instill a positive image of the painting industry one customer at a time. 

My interests include dancing salsa, travelling, playing volleyball and golfing. I am fluent in Spanish, Vietnamese and English. 

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