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Exterior Painting (Toronto, 2024)

Our team of painters have painted the exterior of hundreds of homes overs the years. We are comfortable working at heights and take the proper safety precautions to ensure that everyone is safe. We never skip out on prep and only use the highest quality paints to ensure that the exterior of your home looks great and lasts for the years to come. 

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Our Exterior Painting Projects


Looking to paint the exterior of your home?

Our Exterior Painting Process

Step 1 - Set up

The first step of exterior trim painting is to do a safety check and deciding on how to reach all of the surfaces. We typically use ladders when possible and scaffolding for tight areas. In extreme circumstances, we rent boom lifts if there is no other way to access the surfaces. Depending on if we are brushing or spraying the surfaces, we will also cover and mask the surrounding areas

Step 2 - Scraping & Sanding

Once the surrounding areas are covered up and the ladders & working at heights equipment are in place, we begin prepping the surfaces. Loose old paint is scraped off and all the surfaces are lightly sanded. Its important to note that the purpose of sanding is NOT to remove the old texture but to improve adhesion and feather edges. Existing craters and textures left from years of built-up paint will still remain (unless you decide to strip them - this is a far more involved process).

Step 3 - Repairs & Priming

After the surfaces haven been cleared of old loose paint and have been sanded down, we repair minor damages such as holes and scratches on the surface. We also caulk cracks to ensure that moisture does not penetrate the surfaces. Bare wooden areas are spot primed to ensure proper adhesion of the finish coat. You will see white spots around the house which is the primer. A full prime is only necessary if the old coating is an oil-based product or if the surfaces are fully bare.