First Impressions Matter

Your home's exterior is the first thing anyone sees when they walk by. With the right touches of colour, we will help transform your home to make your visitors envious. 

Exterior painting often requires ladder work or other forms of reaching high areas. Our team of painters are all trained to work at heights, WSIB insured and have liability insurance. Safety always comes first.

Paint Supplies


Convey the perfect mood!

When done properly, doors and windows can beautifully accent the rest of the house or blend in for a smoother appearance. Whatever your vision is, these items are integral for the finish product!

Whether you are looking to paint your front door, garage door or windows around the house, our team will ensure that the final product looks sharp. Intense prep work and a skilled hand means that your doors and windows will have be long lasting and have minimal brush marks.


Nothing beats natural beauty!

Natural stains give your deck and fence a vivid tone highlighting the beautiful grains of wood. The right tone can help  transform your backyard into a summer paradise where you sit back and enjoy your drink!

If you want the finish coat on your deck/fence to last, you need to invest in high quality products and proper prep-work. Our team will first pressure wash all of the areas using a detergent as needed to remove mildew and tough stains. After allowing the areas to dry, we will sand all areas down to remove most of the existing paints/stains and open the wood pores. We will then remove the dust from the sanding and apply the finish coat. Our intensive process will ensure the longevity and protection of the finished product.

Color Palette
Painting Wall


Protect your home & look good doing it!

The key to a lasting beautiful finished product is: prep, prep and more prepwork! Our process involves removing all loose paint chips, meticulous sanding, filling in all holes and cracks, a thorough cleaning, priming and finally the finish coat. The prep work helps ensure the adhesion of paint while sealing out entry points for moisture and water.

Depending on the substrate and material of your home, the prep work may vary. Commonly painted exterior surfaces are: wood, stucco and aluminum. We also offer services to paint your eaves-troughs, wrought iron railing, downspouts and soffets.

Painting Wall


A modern look is only a paintbrush away!

Concrete, brick and other masonry can all be painted to give a fresh modern look. An old crumbling building can be revitalized within days with the help of some paint! 

The painting process for masonry depends on the type and condition of the substrate. For most projects, a thorough clean will be needed along with high quality paint. In some instances where the masonry is failing, the substrate may need to be repaired or replaced.