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Home Painting Services

We are the Toronto and GTA repaint specialists but also offer different services for interior and exterior home painting. Below, you can find the different services we offer classified under either interior or exterior painting.

Interior Painting Services

Residential Repaint

Residential repaints are our bread and butter. We specialize in repaints whether you want to freshen up your home, redecorate or prepare your house to sell. Ask about how we price residential repaints and the processes and products which we use.


New Construction & Renovation

From time to time we paint new construction projects for new builds and renovations. These projects require intensive coordination and meticulous prep-work. Ask bout how we price new construction projects and the prep work involved.


Exterior Painting Services

Vinyl, Aluminum & Painting

Vinyl & aluminum surfaces such as windows, doors and siding are usually painted for purely decorative purposes. Call to learn more about our process on making the paint adhere to these difficult surfaces.


Wood Trim Painting

Exterior wood trim such as windows, doors and fascia needs to be beautified and protected from the elements via painting.


Brick, Stucco, Concrete, Masonry Painting & Staining

Painting or staining masonry can give your home a huge facelift. Call to learn more about our process and pricing for painting/staining your masonry


Porch, Deck & Fence Staining & Painting

Porches, decks and fences require protection to protect them from the elements. We paint or stain new porches, decks and fences as well as re-coat old ones.


Metal Painting

We paint metal fences, wrought iron rails and other exterior metal surfaces. Ask us about how we deal with the fussiness of painting exterior metal.

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