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Deck & Fence Staining (Toronto, 2024)

We are the deck & fence staining experts of Toronto. Our team specializes in treating & maintaining exterior wood such as decks, fences, porches and siding. Deck & fence staining has become our niche after having worked on hundreds of projects over the years. Other companies offer deck staining as a side service (ex. in addition to exterior painting or building a deck). For us, deck & fence staining is our core business. We have invested time and money into the best products, processes and equipment for transforming your deck.

This is why we are the only deck staining company in Toronto with a


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Zero Peeling

Our team uses top of the line oil-based stains (Cutek Extreme Wood Oil) which means your deck will never peel. The product is easy to reapply and maintain which means you won't have to strip your deck in the future!


Efficient & Dustless

Our team is equipped with the top of line dustless sanding equipment which allows us to prep your deck in less time, keep your house clean, and save you money. 


Daily Updates & Cleaning

We send daily video updates so that you know exactly what's going on without having to be there. Our crew always protect the surrounding areas and clean up daily so your house never looks like a mess.



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Transform your deck this season!

Deck Staining Process

Step 1 - Cleaning/Pressure Washing

Dirty surfaces need to be cleaned prior to staining. For clean or bare wood, a quick sweep would usually suffice. For dirtier surfaces, a pressure wash along with deck cleaner or detergent may be required. If you are planning on fully restoring your deck, we would use a deck revive solution which helps clean the wood and restore grey wood fibres. This is important because you will be able to see any imperfections and dirt on the wood once you stain it with a semi-transparent or natural-stain product.

Step 2 - Dustless Sanding

The second step of the deck finishing process is to sand down the wood surfaces. Our team uses top of the line equipment to ensure that your deck is both sanded properly and efficiently to save you money. The Festool sanders we use are connected to a dust extractor to ensure that our team is protected and that your house isn't covered in saw dust.


Sanding serves three purposes:

  1. Open the wood pores so that they accept the stain

  2. Smoothen the surface so it looks and appears nice

  3. Removes existing imperfections and coating


The extent of sanding required will depend on your project.

Light Sanding: Light sanding is reserved for solid-stain projects. We pass by all the surfaces once with 80 grit sand paper to smoothen the surface and prepare it for the stain. This is acceptable because solid stains cover imperfections and do not need to penetrate into the wood as much as semi-transparent or natural stains.


Medium Sanding:  If the wood is bare, you can perform a medium sand to smoothen the surface and open the wood pores. More time is spent than a light sand. The optimal sandpaper is 80 grit which opens up the wood pore enough to take in the stain while maintaining a smooth finish. If you go finer than 80 grit, the stain will not be able to absorb into the wood as well. 

Full Sand / Stripping: If you have a previous coating and want to apply a new product, you will have to do a full sand/strip to remove any coating that was previously on the deck/fence. Similarly, if your wood is extremely grey, you will need to fully sand all those damaged fibers off. This process is extremely labour intensive but provides the best results. We do the first pass with 40 grit sand paper to remove old coatings and fibers. Afterwards we use 80 grit to smoothen the wood prior to applying stain.