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Exterior Brick Painting (2024)

Exterior brick painting is a good option when you are looking to achieve a specific colour/finish for the exterior of your home or if you have old worn out brick. Painting your brick can help you achieve a more modern look for your home because paint can be tinted in almost any colour and comes in many different sheens. In addition, if you have old worn-out brick, paint forms a layer over the brick which helps to cover up imperfections. With that being said, you will lose some of the natural brick texture since paint will be filling in the cracks and forming a layer overtop.

Our exterior brick painting services include:

  • Painting over bare unpainted exterior brick

  • Painting over previously painted brick or treated brick

  • Preparing painted brick surfaces which are starting to peel

Exterior Brick Painting Process

Step 1 - Clean & Prep Brick

The brick must first be cleaned of contaminants & loose substrates must be removed. This is typically done with a pressure washer, scraper and wire brush. Surrounding areas should be masked off.

Step 3 - Paint

Paint is applied to the brick via sprayer and back rolled to ensure proper coverage.

Step 2 - Priming

The brick should then be primed to ensure proper adhesion of the paint.


Looking to get your brick painted?

Exterior Brick Painting FAQ

Q: How much does it cost to paint my exterior brick?

A: Exterior brick painting projects start at $3,000 for a small house (~1200SF). The exact price will depend on the current condition of the brick, how porous the brick is, how many things need to be masked and how accessible the areas are.

Q: Why would I want to paint my exterior brick?

A: Painting exterior brick is a good idea if you are looking to achieve a spcific colour or finish. Paint can be tinted into almost any colour and is available in a variety of colour. Because paint forms a film over top of the brick, it is also good for hiding old brick and imperfections.

Q: What are the benefits of painting brick?

A: Painting exterior brick is a cost effective way of improving the overall appearance of your home. It is an excellent way of covering old worn-out brick and requires less investment than other treatments for exterior brick.

Q: How long will the paint job last?

A: You should apply a maintenance coat every 5 years or so. Depending on the conditions, the paint job could last longer or it could last not as long. Key factors affecting the longevity of painted exterior brick are sun exposure, moisture content of the brick and condition of the brick itself.

Q: Will painting my brick cause it to peel?

A: Over time, the paint will peel if you do not maintain it. Other factors could cause peeling such as moisture & efluresence

Q: What is the difference between painting brick and staining brick?

A: When you paint brick, you are applying a film which sits over top of the brick. Since paint forms a film, it can be tinted to any colour and can have any finish. The film also covers the texture of the brick and prevents moisture from entering or leaving. Brick stain absorbs into the brick instead of forming a film. Because there is no film, stains allow the brick to breathe and moisture to pass through. Stains can be tinted to various colours but cannot change finishes (ex, more shiny). Stains also keep the natural texture of the brick and do not hide imperfections as well as paints.

Q: What causes painted exterior brick to start peeling?

A: There are two main reasons why painted exterior brick start peeling. The first reason is simply wear and tear. Years of  exposure to the sun and snow will cause paint to start peeling if you do not maintain it. The second reason for peeling is moisture. Since paint forms a film, it does not allow moisture to pass through. If moisture is getting into the brick from another location, it can cause the paint to lift off as the moisture tries to escape. Moisture can also cause efflorescence, an effect where minerals in the brick are drawn to the surface of the brick and form a chalky/powdery substance which prevents the paint from adhering to the brick. 

Best Paints for Exterior Brick

#1 Benjamin Moore - Aura Exterior

Our top pick is Benjamin Moore's top of the line paint and is amongst the best paints available for exterior brick painting. This paint is thick, it covers extremely well and is durable. Aura is self-priming and can be applied directly to the brick or overtop primed/painted brick (we recommend priming). The only catch is that it dries extremely quick which makes it a bit harder to work with - especially in the summer. 

Price: $117+HST / Gal


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