Warm and cozy or modern and luxurious?

Your home is where you spend much of your time. That is why you want it to exude the perfect kind of energy for whatever mood you are in. A high quality paint job will help to set the ambiance for you to relax in the living room or be productive in your home office.

Our team takes everything into consideration when we work in your home. We work with you to create a project plan/timeline so that we are minimally intrusive on your daily activities. Being a very intimate area, we make sure to work discreetly and quickly as to not interfere with your home life. We cover all of the floors, protect your furniture and clean up everyday to ensure that your home is never a mess. The paints we use are high quality zero-VOC meaning that they are more environmentally friendly and have no fumes. High quality paints ensure that the colours are vivid and durable over time. 


Clean & Elegant

Trim is like a fine piece of jewelry which accentuates an outfit. In the context of your home, trim helps create contrast and a hint of elegance. 

Prior to painting, our painters caulk any cracks and fill all holes & nicks to create a seamless appearance. Ideally trim should be sprayed to create the smoothest surface free of brush or roller marks. However this is not always a feasible endeavor. When our team paints your trim, we use special techniques in combination with a steady hand to create razor sharp cuts while minimizing brush marks and preventing drips. The finished product will look clean and elegant!

Hand Holding Color Swatches


Smooth and vivid

Being the most prominent surfaces in your home, the walls and ceilings will largely impact the look of your home. Straight lines, smooth walls and vivid colours help to create an impressive home.

Prior to painting, our crews examine all walls with meticulous detail making sure to fill in all nicks, holes and surface irregularities. After everything is filled in, we sand and clean all areas to create a flat and even surface. Our painters then apply the coats of paint using techniques mastered throughout the years which give you razor sharp cut lines and smooth vivid finishes on your walls.