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May 23, 2023


Toronto Professional Deck & Fence Staining Services

We are the deck staining experts of Toronto and the GTA and have won awards such as the Best of Homestars Painters. Our home painting professionals specialize in applying stains to exterior wood such as decks, fences, porches and sidings. ​Whether you are looking to apply a semi-transparent stain, natural stain or solid stain, our team will make your deck or fence look brand new!

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Leslieville, Toronto


Brampton, Ontario

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Mississauga, Ontario


Banbury, Toronto


Brampton, Ontario

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Banbury, Toronto

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Leaside, Toronto


Junction, Toronto


Riverdale, Toronto

Our Deck Staining Process & Prep-Work

Step 1 - Cleaning / Pressure Washing

Dirty surfaces need to be cleaned prior to staining. Cleaning helps the stain adhere better to the wooden surface. For transparent and semi-transparent stains, more cleaning time is required because you can see the imperfections and dirt through the stain if the wood is not thoroughly cleaned.

Step 2 - Stripping / Sanding

If the wood is bare or you are applying a solid stain, you can lightly sand all of the areas to smoothen the surface and open the wood pores. However, if you are applying a transparent or semi-transparent stain, you will have to do a thorough sand to remove any coating that was previously on the deck/fence

Step 3 - Cleaning (again) & Staining

Prior to applying the stain, all of the dust and debris from sanding must be vacuumed or blown off and removed. Afterwards, stain can be applied. 

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